Saturday, 23 April 2011

You are a great Friend

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Hi Peeps...thanks for staying back :) I have a few quick things to share today :).
First will be this magnolia card..i have created this i think last month but wasnt given finishing touch which is a simple sentiment to it. Now it is completed so i guess it is a right time to upload it in the blog. I learned how to colour my magnolia in different way likes the magnolia face darker than usuall, the shade of the clothes also a little bit different-i tried to control myself not to cover everything with colour. As for bunny, i was inspired by bunny colour at my working place :).I love orange and white bunny!
Here is the close up of tilda. i choose brown colour pencils to create shade for bunny and skin.
Move on to the next topic is about my flea market yesterday.

Here is my photo with a small space for me to sell my cards...for yesterday is an easter day and most people went to services so the crowds wasnt really there and i didnt manage to sell many of my cards.So hopefully today i can make some good sales!! :)

Here is my mini flea market stall that i shared with my friend Alice.Please come if you stay at Singapore :)
it is located at Old People Association HQ at kallang from 22-24April...11am-6pm :).

Some crafts and educational magazine for sale!Of course buy more will be cheaper :) Just want to get clear inventories :)

Another stuffs to share...
After a tiring day at Flea Market and had a very bad and hubby decided to give a surprise to our dearie friends by sudden show up to the their dinner venue (we did cancel our appointmentf few days back actually :P ). So here we go..there are 8 of us!

We ate,We Dine and yes we are playing easter eggs hunt! it was really fun..there are few of other customer that join us as well but we won the prize! A white wine...(too bad i dont like wine!) :)
Follow up with our own game!

We were too serious with this game and there were too many of we decided to get another  games..that everybody can enjoy!

Sometimes we need some assistant :)

And a person who clumsy enough....

To end the tension :) and start a fresh...

and again the pressure were there again!

Happily took the bottom piece of Jenga!

and left the others to feel nervous! :)

That is it from me today :)
Thanks for staying back :)
Yenni Natalia

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cutie hedgie from Penny Black :)

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Hi Peeps..thanks for staying back :) today i am going to share this cutie card. This is totally my favourite! Last time when i am about to buy this cutie hedgie stamp, i was thinking not only once but many many times but end up i decided ok i want it..and i havent been playing with it for soo long. So i decided today is the day! i need to create simple and cute what is happen then? I LOVE IT! this cutie hedgie not only easy to colour but also just so adorable! So buy buy :) this stamp from Penny Black.
Another thing is you might come suddenly i am so busy with making cards these days? that is because of this
Yes! i am going to take a further step to sell my cards at flea market! this is my very first excited but time to prepare soooo short. not sure whether i have time to buy decoration to decor the stall :p.
By the way for those who are stay in Singapore or happen to be in Singapore, please join the crowd and dont forget to come to my stall :)...see closely my cards and can ask tips from me or my other crafter friends :). I have just realized that this event is supported by SPCA..maybe i shall give some of my selling cards money to them...i just love animals and pity to them if they being abondoned :(.

Talk about animal! yay..i want to update all of you my cutie dog--Garlic as for today :)

Yes! this is her current face...looks innocent but look at all the marks on the wall! it is her Job! :P

Another innocent act...begging for foodie!

well that is it from me!!

Thanks for stopping by
Yenni :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hello Friends

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Yay...i am back with another card and it is springy colours again :).Hope you like my past few days card :). If you remember last time i mentioned to you that this froggy collections are just perfect for my current condition.too busy with work. This is the reasons, this mr froggy is just totally super easy and fast to colour. it took me about 15 mins to colour everything :) or even lesser.
And again i coloured my image with my new born babies :P...tombow markers.
Here is the close up..i used glitter on the lotus, glossy accent for the water :). As for the flowers centre i used flocking.

That is it from me today...hope i have time to create more cards :)
Yenni natalia

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

May your dream come true :)

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Hi Good morning peeps! :) How are you..? by the time you read this blog i am actually in my working place . I have set the date and time for this post and the next post, well i guess it is better to do this way rather than i have to wait i reach home. So for today card! i am so in love with this pretty daffodills stamps that i bought from my friend joanne who open a website shop (www. ). This stamp is from Heartfelt creations brand. I coloured it with my new babies--tombow markers :). Love the vibrant colours that shown by this markers :)

As for the background of the flowers,i did a little bit of collage. I sponged the white cardstock use scattered straw and shabby shutter distress inks. One done, i Stamped an old script stamp from hero arts use scattered straw.Finishing, i took one of stamp from tim holtz and stamped on the every corner use shabby shutter :). looks so gorgeous..:)

Sentiment stamp from Penny Black. Coloured with tombow markers :)

Well i guess that is it from me!

Thanks for stopping by

Yenni Natalia

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Time to i just got a delicious steal :)

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Hi Peeps...i am so sorry for being bad blogger. MIA for half a ck ck..this is just not me! Thanks for those who still stays back to keep waiting what is up in my blog. So no more wait..i have something to share today :). I have stayed up till late in the night and rise in the early morning just want to make and share a card for you. I know you might spotted some smudge and some messiness on my colouring. That is because of i have just get a new toys to play with. I am still trying to get used to with it. A little hard to play in the beginning, but with hope it will get better soon. So what is my steal alas my new toys today!see below :

Yay..a set of Tombow Markers. I couldnt get it in Singapore so i decided to import it in :). I am delighted with the vibrant colours that been offer by this set.However, when i went their web..OMG there are more delicious colours there.I actually need more of Brown colour series as i love to colour animals like teddy,hedgie and mouse. I thought a  set of 96 is the entire collections but it isnt! :).
So you might think what makes me so eager to buy this?
 i love colours so that i will normally collect varities colouring medium and this is the only one that i dont have. Watercolour marker base. So after several thought,comparison with another brand, i decided to get this. Firstly,That is because it has more range of colours.Secondly, it will create some watercolour effect that distress ink unable to do so. Thirdly, it is cheaper when i buy a set. Fourthly, i am just in love and greedy want to have it ;P

So here is the close up of the colouring. I did a mistake on the envelope and balloon...i have actually must be very carefull when apply glitter glue to the image. It is because the colour is totally sensitive to the water so i accidentally "drag" the colour out. I love how the brown colour from the teddy. I actually only use one colour marker to create that effect.

I love this cutie and pretty seam binding that given by my friend, Viola. look at the is just match to the teddy balloons :). Got to find out how did she manage to create such a beautiful colours :)

Would love to enter this card for wee memories challenge--all things adorable

I have some other photos that i want to share...though i dont have much time to craft but who can resist shopping!
This are my shopping items for few weeks :) You will be able to see the date and will find out that i do shop weekly :P...well what can i do..Singapore is Shopping paradise. Everytime i turn my head is shopping malls!

After much desperation of using a lousy paper trimmer..i give it a try to buy other brand--martha stewart. Cute nicely but unable to cut 12 x 12 "! especially with the company tag below! i have manually cut the company tag then i can use this to cut.

Yummy treat for my doggie :) She loves cesar brand soo much :)

And my new interest! 1. Fabric 2. Nohohon 3.Orchirds

Whoops and more...4. Hello Kitty 5. Anything about purple...:)

I guess that is it for today...:)
Thanks for stopping by
Yenni natalia

Thursday, 7 April 2011


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Hi peeps!!! how are you? i am so sorry for the MIA for so long :P. i am getting busier as the days goes. I had lots of problems in the office that i had to face so that i always lost energy by the time i reach home. and guess what i have a new hobby! which is SLeep! :P. 8 hours sleep is no longer enough for me :) to keep my self healty i will have to try to rest as much as i can :) So for this reason i created a simple card that i actually coloured long long time ago before i start work :P. what i need is cut and paste :). I was playing with distress inks at that time so that i have a set of 6 different colours that i coloured DI. i love this one the most :)

If you read magnolia magazine you will know the tutorial how to make this flowers from flower punches. It is easy to do but it takes a great patience to make it :)

Close up of the magnolia :)

That is it from me :) hope i wont MIA soo long :)
Thanks to all of you

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