Sunday, 26 June 2011

A simple project to share :)

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Hi Peeps...2 weeks passed so fast and i have just realized that i have been idle that long. To pay up..:) i bring you a simple mini album to share. It doesnt have lots of journaling for i dont know and dont like to do it :).
This album is also created without hassle..means just get things that available on my desk. I was pretty lazy at that time but still want to create something.
Here is the album :)

This album dedicate my trip to Botanic Garden with my husband, my mother in law and My doggie-Garlic.
The title is Garlic's day because i want to concentrate on her for this album :)

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

The content inside the envelope :) there is a story behind it :)

Page 8.

That is it from me :)
Thanks for stopping by


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Happy Graduation!

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Hi Peeps...Again a short post. After i done scrap-a-thon few days back for Office projects, It tickled my mojos to do scrapbook and alter items more than cards. So you might see more alter projects than cards this day :). Lets see my first alter stuff :

I altered a $2 frame and make it as wall decoration.

Here is the close up. Lots of gold glitter needed here :). Easy and simple project for you :) Hope you get inspired to create one.

Papers : October Afternoon 5cents Dime

That is it for today :)
Be right back with more alter items soon :)

Yenni Natalia

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Congrats on your wedding

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Good Morning Peeps! It is heavy downpour here..luckly i managed to have my breakfast and brought my dog out otherwise i will be hungry and my dog will be moody :P.
And for today i have a simple magnolia card to share. I dont have another card after this card so i might be idle for blogging a sometimes while creating more cards :).
And here is the card for today :)

I did accidentally mess up with the dress that i play cheat! by cover it with lots of glitter. Hehehe...and i love how it is turn out :). I planned to give it to my friend who is having her wedding soon :). Firstly i need to pray for her hopefully weather will be fine for it is gonna be a outdoor wedding event.
and here is the close up :)

That is all for today. Thanks for staying
Yenni Natalia

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Especially For You...

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Hi Peeps...thanks for the great comments that you left on my previous post :) i am so happy to see it.
So for today...I have a photo as a proof that i do struggle when it comes colouring image.
Here is the photo :
To colour one image,sometimes i need to colour few times to get the correct shade. I dont like obvious stroke/patch shown on the that i keep trying many times till i satisfied. By the way the images on top are coloured with Tombow. I really still cant get the correct paper to use with my tombow markers,though i use watercolour paper..the result still isnt really good. it dry very fast. So that out of desperation, i decided to colour the 6th image use crayons,and here is the result :) 

I love the colour so much! It looks so soft and natural :) I am trully satisfied with this result :)

and here is the inside page. Just a little bit of decoration to make it look nicer :)

Paper : Girls Paperie,American Craft. Image : Stampavie and Hero arts.

That is it from me today.
Hope to hear some comments good or critics will be appreciated :)

Yenni Natalia

Monday, 6 June 2011

Happy Birthday to you

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Hi Peeps..back again with a short post :) for tommorow i need to back to work...sigh....
Bring you again a simple magnolia card :) with more punch papers in here and there. Yes i am pretty addicted to it.. punched papers is not only safe cost but also easy to match with the colour theme of your card :). I guess i need to buy more puncher..hehe...another reason to shop!
SO here is the magnolia card that i meant :
Is the colour tooo glaring? pardon my camera...but i think also the weather when i took this photo which is last week weather..super hot and super sunny :).
Lately i am the fever to give a dirty look everytime i colour my magnolia.For this create the darkest part of the image i use dark brown instead of  dark green or dark orange.

Would love to enter this card for
TOMIC- Birthday

Move on to today's weather! it has been raining very heavy in Singapore till some part of Singapore has flooded with water. Unfortunately some of shopping mall like children " swimming pool" to me :(.

Basement of Tanglin Mall flooded (courtesy of @onglette)

see the waterfall on the right side? it is rain water flowing from outisde inside the mall.

The camera unable to capture the heavy rain happened this morning. But this cutie birdie  can feel it.

Yes i have a visitor on my mini garden. Due to the heavy rain,this cutie birdie looked for shelter on my mini garden before my neighbour open the door and scare it away :(

This birdie has visited my house plenty times and even try to build nest on my husband orchird roots :P.My husband thought who dares to played prank on him when he spotted dirt on his plant.
But honestly i love the feeling being part of nature here :)

This is from me today
Thanks for visiting
Yenni Natalia

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Enjoy every moment

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Hi Fellow crafters..How is your days going on? Hope you are all doing great. I pretty enjoyed my 2 days leaves till i heard that i have been treated unfairly. Well...some people at work still contacted me regarding some stuffs. think it is common in here.
Well lets not talk about work, For today, i will share a card that i created i think about 2 months ago...eiiks..yes 2 months a go and i have left it on my blog draft for that long.On this card..i was trying to learn how to colour dress by leaving the lightest colour on the middle. Well it turn out pretty good..but the card design unfavourable on my eyes.
This is the result when i force myself to finish a card.

Guys! i got to go..i am very hungry now..i want to have my breakfast now :). I will be back with more cards soon. I have 3 cards are waiting on the draft list :)
Stay tune and thanks

Yenni Natalia

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hello Friend :)

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Good morning fellow friends :). How have you been doing? I am doing pretty great though tired. Thanks in advance for those who left a very encouraging comments on my past few post. I am trully appreciate it! :).
By the way i am happily taking 2 days leave,today and it will be along weekend for me :) Hope i will get some chance to do crafting. As for today, i have a cutie and bright colour card that i created on Sunday. I used the  previous collection from Penny Black--flower powered 4131K as well as fresh from the oven martha puncher and  My minds eye pattern papers that sold at crazy price
Without further is my card :

I would love to enter this card for
Penny Black Saturday Challenge- One for the girlies
Do you stack up-Orange

That is it from me :) Hope this card inspire you. My post is likely to be as short as this in the future. Hope you guys doesnt mind :)

Yenni Natalia

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