Tuesday, 13 April 2010


"Tag" By Request

Hi All,
Today image is not a card but also not a tag...Below image is created upon request by one of my customer. She loves the dog picture and ask me to place her name on the top.
For her name, i use thickers white colour. To match with the overall colour theme, i use the same colour pencils to colour the alpha. Before i place it to the "Tag", i use transparency to check whether this alpha is fit to the frame. I also did check how should i place the alpha to make it look nice.

Here is the overall look of the " Tag"

Hope she likes it.

Today i met one of my customer who bought some of my cards.I would say she is definetely very pretty seeing her age!! She is soo bubbly and cheerful..and she is also a very nice person to talk. She is actually loves into card making but she doesn't has a lot of time to do as lots of projects on going---i hope she will have time to do her hobby soon!. I cant wait to meet her again for the 2nd chance to do craft together.
I got a present from her that i peek--i love it!!! ehhehe..it is a chocolate!!!!
Psstt...she wrapped neater that me!!.
Thanks Melon(her initial) as funny as the person!!

I also receive another beautiful package yesterday from my lovely friend from Malaysia. We just met once and we get along very well! you can see her creation at here.
She gave me soooooo mcuh beautiful things in the package such as flowers,stamps,ribbon and her very precious card---awww i feel touched...thanks Ying!!!

Here is the items that she gave!!

The stamps are from High hopes brand! what a amazing gift isnt??

Thanks again to two generous ladies ^_^


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