Thursday, 2 September 2010


New purpose of my paper stash

Hi everyone (i bet all of you still in dreaming land!-for US
Have you ever get irritate by the pile of paper stash? well i will try to help you today.
as i am doing a super duper small cards sales in my country (well actually between friends ^_^), i have been thinking want to create my so call business card for my super duper small business. I have did research on some etsy seller that doing personalize business card till personalize stamps but it is so costly. so i decided to make my very own name cards.Handmade name card isnt even more personalize?

So here are some of the handmade name cards that i created use my paper destash
Blue series

Pink series- love this soo much but i dont have the paper anymore T_T

Red series

Because of this now i dont event dare to throw a single strip of papers-oh no..suppose to reduce the stash but become more. The reason is because i still can use even a small amount of paper
like this

see the stip of paper on the left?

and this

the cross design on the bottom left is left over from the punched border

by the way i cant call myself stamper if i dont even stamp anything on my "business card"

stamp from hero arts.i stamp the butt of the business card

hope this will inspire you


  1. What a great idea; these look so nice :-)

  2. Can I have one? So beautiful..

  3. They're lovely, yenni and such a good idea!!

  4. That's a great idea! I love them. You've said that you don't make ATC as they are too small, but I think your business cards are even smaller! :-)

  5. wow these are some of the best business cards I've seen! Thanks for the inspiration! I think I want to make some for myself too! =)

  6. Cool! Great idea. You are always thinking! I am going through my endless paper stash as we speak and it is so hard to throw out yet there is soooo much!


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