Friday, 14 October 2011

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A simple project :)

Hi Peeps! how are you? I am kinda of busy and busy lately. At work i have to be busy not only for preparing budget for the following year but also have to handle some other matters which as and when always there. So tiring. Not to mentioned some friction with some staffs there due to some reason :(
But well today is friday! a good thing....i would say till i think what i am suppose to do during the weekend make me headache! this week and the next 2 weeks seems no rest for me!
Just for share here are the stuffs that i need to do and consume lots of time :
Saturday :
Clean up house (some part of the house) done
Visit In Law (hubby insisted though i am so busy :c ) done
I need to buy shoes! my shoes all ugly and some spoilt and dirty done
I need to find some stuffs for my brother ( Elmo soft toys) done
I need to find some stuffs for my step sister (some kind of stocking) cant find it!
I need to find some snacks for my dad who is coming next week (chocolates)--done.
I must go and visit scrap shops :P done
Wait for mr postman (hopefully have package for me) nothing for me :(

Sunday (normally i wont go out) :
Clean up house (whatever left yesterday)
Bring my dog out for gromming. done
Need to do a project which ordered by my friend
May meet up the buyer of my project done on saturday
I want to buy more plants if possible! :)
Again have to look around some items for my relatives if on saturday i couldnt find any.  done

Luckly i have finised one of the project which my friend order for her friend wedding.
It is a decorated cardboard which my friend want to write a wedding pledge.
Just a simple one as it will look so full when the she place the pledge :)
Hope she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by and hear my "rubbish" :P

yenni natalia

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  1. Happy doing everything this weekend, Yenni. Hope you enjoy all the things and have fun. This cardboard is lovely. I wish I could see what she'll write on it.


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