Sunday, 12 February 2012

Project life Jan week 4 and Feb week 1

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welcome back to my blog :) hope you are all stay healthy and happy.
Today will be another pages of my project life. For this post i have 2 weeks of my life to share which is january week 4 and february week 1


In this page i documented some of the photos related to my visit to Chinatown during Chines New Year eve. For it was extremely crowded and i was squeeze with sea of human, i am unable to take photo of myself. Therefore i only take those eye candy items such as lanterns, sweets, colourful chopsticks and charms.
If you notice i always have a slot dedicate to record my doggie and cards.

If you notice i have various design of the mini card slot. I have gotten it from my friends who share a link to one of the user at Pinterest. On my doggie page..i had fun playing with my new stamps--My Minds Eyes Ms Caroline :)--> Totally love this pretty have got to check the pattern papers.

February! what is comes out from your head other than Valentine?
I think this page no need to say anymore..this will be MY FAV pages so far! lots of pinkiness here :)
so here is the details :

Lots of hidden "Love"  in can be written or it can be act of Love

Cant resist to take a little peek of my polkadots skirts and documented here.

I will still pick the best among the best. so i would honour this particular slot is the most fav slot of the
What makes me LOVE this?
I love the scattered butterflies to decor the plain pattern paper.
The photos..My hubby just look so cute on this photo. Sit on the floor like a small boy
Here is the main point! I make use most of my scrap papers to punch butterflies shape and banner.

Okie that is it from me
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Yenni natalia

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Ayu (MimiPipi Craft) said...

Yenny, ini keren banget, yg bikin aku salut, masih bisa buat ini padahal kamu kerja kantor. Top top top

Aline Salmon said...

Love those pages, Yenny!!!!! They are amazing, full of details!!! Love it!!!

Vera Rhuhay said... so beautiful PL,Yenni!

Joanna said...

This is so pretty Yenni! U make me want to jump on the Project Life bandwagon although I know I should not! Your husband is so awesome too! Doing cross stitching!!

*Dream Weaver* said...

Enjoy looking @ your project life layouts! :)

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