Tuesday, 1 March 2011

# Magnolia card

Just saying hello to spring

Good afternoon peeps...i am just back from my work :) and cant wait to share with you this card that i created few days back. I am totally in the mood of try out new colour combos..so what i come out is this. i know you might find it something common but maybe not for me..especially if you can see magnolia hairs are slightly reddish orange :) i love it...I was inpired by one of movie character and decided to give it a try :)
So it is just a simple card that really brighten my day :) hope it works for you too...
By the way share about my first day of working..it was pretty nothing much happen there as everybody was busy with their own things and i dont have buddy to teach me :) But tommorow will be totally busy as my buddy just back from leave..as the days goes it getting busier :)
Well for that nothing much to do i am actually having a headache..i was trying to self learning and guess what the ground in my office keep "shaking" it is a mild motion but since it is continuous every 10 mins,it made me headache. Under my office building has some construction that make the whole office feel the vibration...well i guess it is best for me to stand than sit :P.

Well i want to have a good rest awhile :)
Will see you tommorow again


  1. Such a lovely spring card Yenni, I love her red hair!!
    Hope the rest of your working week goes well :) Put your feet up now xx

    Jenny x

  2. Such a cheerful card, Yenni. My colors! :-) Glad your workday went well, I would hate that shaking motion though. BUt congratulations you made it through your first day!

  3. Such pretty spring colors. I like the twist you added by coloring the girl's hair red. I hope the rest of your work week is without "motion".

  4. Beautiful card, with lovely spring colours!

  5. So cute and cheerful! Sometimes we need happy colors! Glad you got through first day. Hope construction stops soon that would be hard. Guess you could get used to it, but lets hope it stops soon. Glad you still have time to post a bit. Thanks for the lace! I LOVE it!

  6. Your cards are SOOO adorable Yenni ;) ... and you're the sweetest bloggy friend in the world.
    Did you know you won a free one-year subscription to PaperCrafts?? I saw your name in the list of winners! :) Happy for you!


  7. Oh what a gorgeous card, such a beautiful Tilda and details.

  8. Yenny!! what a beautiful card and lovely spring colour! u are too good at all kinds of stamps! u won one year subscription paper crafts!! congratulations!! so happy for you!!
    and also good luck on ur work! ^^



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