Monday, 14 March 2011

# bildmalarna

You make me kids on the blog!!

You might find it surprise when you see me post at this time. why...because i am taking MC. i have been feeling sick lately and my body totally feeling lethargic!it shows by the a small lumps that pop up on my lips..huh..i hate this! Well the sickness isnt really make me hate the day...but it is more the feeling being unpaid because of i am sick! maybe you dont know that in my new job i am pay like today i never go to work i have already lost SG$80! now it is just make me think again is it worth it to go see doctor and loss even more money for this?! i know you might think health is important..but i just feeling angry over $80 :P. So just a summary i am not pretty sure whether i want to stay longer in this company..:( sadly to say. i am a temp worker without any benefits! now sick also need to think twice thrice..haiz...enough of my anger!! i am going to look new job soon while still holding this one. actually this job is pretty okay,environment i like is just the stupid temp scheme that totally used me!while i heard by having temp for 6 months it means i will lost probably 2 months bonus!isnt that make me bang my head to the wall! haiz...
enough about my anger! now we moved on to the card...this cutie called Bildmalarna. It is actually a new company in somewhere in sweeden if i am not mistaken. I just love this pretty little girl. I have been sponsor by my friends with some stamped images for me to work on it. thanks so much!
so if you love can actually go HERE to purchase one..two or all the collections :). they do have not only little girls but also go hop to the that online shoping
to get one or two today!!If you stay at Singapore you are lucky..the online shopping is located in Singapore so posting cost wont be that expensive! if you are stay other than worries...they can arrange to ship it for you. they are soo you can just pop them a question if you have something uncertain :)

Thanks to you all who has been lifted my spirit on the crafting again despite my busy period..i am so in love reading all of you comments. forgive me if i dont leave a comments on your blog. will try visit you blog soon there is a time...definetely will! i miss to get those inspirations from all of you! :)

Supplies :

Echo park papers, twine,caran d'ache colour pencils,doily paper,hero arts sentiment,martha butterfly puncher,stickles,rhinestone.

That is it from me today


  1. oh, it is so bright and beautiful) The image is coloursd as well)))) Nice card!

  2. Hi,

    What a beautiful card!! I always love the use of your colors. And that bildmalarna stamp is too cute..

    I hope you are feeling better soon:))


  3. Oh Hope you feel better..and I hope you get a job that gives you all the benefits!! Just hang in there...something better will come along!!
    Big Big hugs to you from me


  4. A beautiful card with gorgeous colours and lots of yummy detail Yenni x

  5. Love this card Yenni, pretty colours and image and I love the doily :)
    Hope you are feeling much better soon xx

    Jenny x

  6. Yenni, you did a BEAUTIFUL job on this! It's really lovely!
    I'm so sorry you're sick. Probably the best thing for it is just the simple things, drink lots of water, Vitamin C and get plenty of rest.
    Here, even the full time permanant jobs are doing away with benefits. It stinks.

  7. You poor girl Yenni, hope you get well soon. Drink more water and rest well. And this is such a beautiful card. You really bring out her cuteness! Take care Yenni :-)

  8. Yenni, love the colors here. May I know what did you use for the blush on?

  9. Oh what an adorable card. Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Oh so adorable and the colours are gorgeous!!!
    hugs, Evie

  11. Your card makes me smile - it is so sweet! Adorable!
    Greetings from Austria!


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