Monday, 13 August 2012

# Deasy Design

Be Mine

Opppss!! Today is monday and i really felt the MONDAY BLUES on me today during my working day. But it has gone when i see this cutie tanks that i turned into banner carrier :)
This time my card is about Valentine (though it has over long time ago).

So i have coloured the tank pink brown and a little dark peach colour.

And here are my supplies :
I used tank from Our heroes Deasy Design stamp. I just love this stamp! you can use this stamp for many occasions :) LOVE LOVE This! dont you agree ?

Ok i hope you like it. Hop to Deasy Design Blog for more inspiration on using the above stamp on different purposes.

Yenni natalia


  1. SO cool what you did with the stamp...adorable!!!

  2. oh i love the love tanks :)

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Thanks for visiting my blog, hope my cards can cheer your day.
Yenni Natalia

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