Saturday, 26 November 2016

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2 happy News today

Hello everyone...

So sorry for being away this few days. I am busy travelling lately and still continue till near Christmas, some are for holiday and some are visiting my parents especially my dad who lately been falling sick.
If it is not to much to ask, i am asking for your prayer for the healing of my dad and strength for my family. He has been in and out hospital often due to heart issue. Thank you in advance.God Bless you.

Sooo...... i have 2 great news to share with you...

First is...
Yay! Penny black and Jill foster has invited me to work with them for another term. 
 It has been a great memorable and fun to works with them during this year. I thought i would be saying goodbye but it turned the other way, it is become such a joyous occasion :) Thank you So much Penny Black and Jill :)

And so the second will be...
Unbelievable things happened to me. Denise, the owner of the Whimsy Stamps has invited me to join wonderful talented Whimsy stamp team. I am so sorry i could not hide my excitement and decided to tell one of my close friend about this.  I thought i want to share this news on January but i decided to do it earlier since my name has shown in the blog :).

I will start working on January 2017 due to my busy schedule, thou i really really love to work as soon as possible. ^_^
Like mentioned above, i will be travelling often till near Christmas, however I am stealing some of my days while i am in Singapore to make more cards for their awesome release on January. Trust me! you will love them ^_^ so please be strong and wait for it ^_^. 

I hope you are as happy as me. 

Thank you so much for always staying with me and encourage me and support me.

Have a lovely day :)

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