Monday, 11 January 2010


Haiya...i have just gotten the news for my magnolia tilda stamps!!! I have been waiting for a month for this stamps to arrive safetly on my hands. He said that the shop-Magnolia tilda shop has sent the order from 21 december. The reason i havent received my stamps coz my hubby ignorance...he wrote the wrong address!!! omg!!! i cant imagine my S$ 250 stamps gone like that to the wrong hand....luckly"""" based on what my hubby said....he assure me that there is no such house address in singapore. Oh ya FYI, he wrote the correct house block, correct floor but wrong house number and postal code. I am pretty angry with him...why he so careless!!! somemore that is my bday and x mas present!!!! plus i top up a little bit of the cost (he gave me budget to spend for my xmas and bday presents)...but now what month!!! Jan already.....haiz......

Well, Tommorow he will call singpost for the clarification and HOPEFULLY he can collect the items within this week. T_T...
He better get the things done fast....otherwise.....*_*..!!@@XXX%^$&((()))_***

Today i am feeling unwell the whole day, thanks to Gavyn and Ashley, they drove me to Tiong Bahru..which is quite near to my house...Thanks!!! ^^v


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