Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Sadly say today i am down to fever after a prolong body ache. but yet i still can blog coz with my whole body extremely pain i cant even rest well (I Cant showed you how many pain killer i took this few days to fight with this sickness..i just simply dont want to see doctor..) plus my Garlic (my dog )disturb me...haiz...

Do you want to know what she did to me from the first time i woke up. She left a trap for me. Guess what? She wee on the floor next to my bed whereby just nice for me to step on it when i oke up from the bed. ''I guess she is very good at teritory"

Anyway there are few news that i would like to share :

1. AboUT Magnolia tilda stamps. YES..! he did not get a good news from Singpost. Singpost said unable to track the items as there is no tracking number and possibly sent back to sweeden. So he decided to e mail Magnolia sweeden incase they receive the items.. well yeah...he still the same..i have to instruct him to call instead. As i know the shop wont reply asap. He also email to the sweeden post office.

I was extremely angry with him for it, but lately i forgave him and he also let me order again if i wish to. But end i did not order as i want to wait for the reply first.

There it goes my Magnolia...haiz...not fated...

2. Not Fated with magnolia stamps...but fated to ANYA stamps in here ( I ordered some of the stamps from them (about 7-8 pcs). So far i found that their service definetely satisfied me. Very clear cut order form, very fast administrative work, and the customer service replied within the same day (how amazing-love it). Well hopefully i can get the items within 2 weeks. Cant wait to create with ANYA stamps...^^

3. I just realized that having a blog definetely have lots of benefits.

Well i was browsed around other people blog to see the creation and happened to see that few of them is giving a way sets of craft items like stamps, flowers, glitters, pattern paper, etc. What i can do is only leave a comment on their blog. To get 2nd chance to win you need to become their follower. End they will randomly picked the winner..."" wish me win please""". Well nothing wrong from leave a comment and become a follower...both are benefit for me. I can get inspirations, friends, and again may get yummy goodies!!!

Well i am going to rest now...




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