Friday, 22 January 2010

little a bit daring today

Today i just in the mood to colour the stamped images that my friend gave me in different way..
well show you this is how weird i am...(^_^)
at the beginning i want to play safe as i only have 6 pcs of penny black mouse image
here the 1st one

2nd attempt....still play safe..brown here and there..a little bit shade here and there...but i just realize that the paper that i use very easily to get when i colour i did tap on the imagine rather than brush.


3rd attempt...a little bit daring...the colour getting darker...


4th attempt...
haiz i am feeling bored with brown colour, so i decided to change colour to grey...well turn out quite okay but after i think doesnt look like penny black mouse but like rat in the drain..
here the picts

5th attempt
feel a bit dissapointed with the grey colour i decided back to brown but i inspired by my hamster. I decided to try coloured the mouse like hammie fur..turn out failed....


Last picture which is the 6th attempt!!!
stress coz never get the satisfactory colour so i decided to colour with my favourite colour!!!
here is the picts


yes PINK colour..and now i feel a little bit happier. (^_^)

Sorry ashley..i think i need more picture from those stamp...^_^

I found these stamps at my new hunting ground - Junior de arts @ novena square, singapore.

definetely will go there again as the staffs there very friendly--especially christine (^_^)

Time to sleep for me nite nite...


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