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What on your workdesk wed...and things to share

How are you? hope all of you doing fine. thank you so much for the lovely comments for the past posts..^_^
As i promise last week. I would love to share how i store my punches.But before that i want to share what have i been busy with..till i got headache because of

Yay...i have been busy with my newly stamps from ocotber afternoon (well it is new for me coz i just bought yesterday but actually this is 2009 xmas collection-yule penguins). I love this penguin so much and i feel like i must inked it as many as i here 7 pairs of penguins waiting to be paste to the cards ^_^. Guess what colours that obviously not there??
The answer is Violet--^_^. i dont really like
So what is the reason why i go headache just because i colour those cutie penguins? it is because of the marker that i use...^_^..sadly to say copic markers make me headache because of the smell..however i still buy it till today. jus bought another 36 colours just because craft shop nearby give disc 15% which is rarely happen. so i have to grab the chance before the closing date.

Another good finding is below stamp:
I decided to bought this simple stamps set just because one reason..look at the little birdie on the top is soooo cute and funny. when i saw that birdly my evil thought said this stamps suitable for those unfortunate event photos like i made mistake on something or fall down then the birdie laugh at sorry hope you all wont get offended..i really simply love the

so back on what is in your workdesk wednesday..
here are the way i store my punches
One of my friend told me to try my best to store the punches in the drawer due to the weather condition in Singapore-Humid. So she mention that store in the drawer with the dessicant packs to absorb the "wetness".

Here is another drawer for my martha stewart collections..
ya ya..i am totally crazy..that is correct with capital I also dont know since when this crazy things start...but i simply love their stamps..ans so far i only use about 70-80% of the collections that i have..OMG i guess i should punched more. Oh about punched more..i have jsut injured my hand because of trying to safe some scrap papers by punched it for the future use.Haiz...the tought of  want to save money by save those paper goes to drain when i broke on of the puncher that i barely use! very that one limited edition. however the puncher isnt from martha is from fiskar. probably i should leave a feedback to them. the handle is totally fragile. it made from plastic.when it broke i was use it to punch American Craft Cardstock which the gsm is pretty normal-not very thick! dissapointed!

Another drawer :
EK success is totally rock my I do love EK Success brand and i believe their quality. however their collections as not fantastic as martha stewart eventhough martha under the same brand.It is applies to the qualities as well. i love the EK Success punches quality. it is always top! ^_^

Last drawer to share:
Random punches is inside this drawer...and I hate the look of the messy drawer.

I promise this will be the last!
All the giant and frequent use punches are located outside for my convinient...(no wonder i gain weight- never move around much). maybe it is the time for me to do stand crafting...:P.

That is it for today...^_^
Next week i will share the DIY paper rack that my husband created for me to keep all my paper stacks..and how i store my loose papers ^_^.

PS : for those who wait for my dog training story..really sorry forget to inform you that on week 2 there were no training due to the weather. And last week..i did not bring camera because of the battery flat...T_T.

By the way
Thanks for looking
Yenni Natalia


  1. Your penguins are adorable!!!! And your punches well, what can I say? You own more punches than a Hobby Lobby Warehouse! lol I didn't even know they MADE that many punches!
    I do wish I had more drawers to store stuff or at least I wish punches came with holes for hanging. they're so awkward. Im totally jealous of your space. :-)
    So you love the EK Sucess punches even though they're so unfriendly to your hands? (ie hard to punch)
    Well they do have some pretty patterns. I guess you just have to deal with the inconvenience, right>?
    happy Crafting!

  2. Lol love the penguins. My goodness what a lot of punches you have too !!!!
    Hugs June xxxx

  3. OMG how many punches, i think you may have an addiction lol
    as for the penguins i just cant comment, i'm anti christmas till the very last minute lol but i can say im not really a purple fan either!
    happy woyww

  4. Blimey ... that is a whole lot of punches!

  5. Hi yenny, Punch kamu banyak banget! amazing.. Sorry baru sempat main2 ke blog km. i organise the blog so it looks interesting and in good order :)

    ak masih bermasalh ma blogger niy. ternyata bny sekali card Challenge,but ak blm tau cara post picy candy mereka ke blog ku... ohhh im sad :(

    ok,have a good day Yen..

  6. What a lovely lot of punches you have there! am loving those penguins too! have fun.

  7. Now that is lots of punches! I love those penguins.

  8. LOTS of punches, wow!!! Great organisation, though. Love those little penguins, too :D Happy WOYWW!

  9. I love those penguins!! So cute. And I have major envy over your punches! Wish I had space for that many.

  10. Love the penguins and wow your puch collection is to die for!
    Thanks for sharing :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  11. love the penguins! OMG so many punches, do you have every martha punch? I am so jealous lol

  12. I've never seen so many punches in my life. Seriously, my city's scrapbook store doesn't have that many. And you are nicely organized, something I like and appreciate.

    After looking and admiring those punches, I nearly forgot to tell you how much I like the little penguins and that darling bird stamp. I hope you'll use it some Wednesday.

  13. oh my goodness, you have soooo many punches I think you must have more that me! More MS punches anyway!! Love your penguins they are the cutest ever penguins, have a good woyww

  14. The penguins are so adorable!!!
    and you are so organized!
    OhMy.....I'm drolling with your punches collections!!!!!

  15. The penguins are so cute - beautifully coloured. I never even noticed that the Copics have a smell! And yes Yenni, you win the prize for the most punches. For sure. LOVELY collection!

  16. LOL LOL LOL I guess someone is addicted to punches!!! what an impressive collection I am soooooooo Jealous LOL LOL. Sorry I have only just got round to you. Joeyx

  17. Love your penguins - busy lady. I cannot believe you have so many punches - wow!

  18. Wish we lived closer LOL! It would be fun crafting with you at your "store" I would share too, but you have way more toys than I do!

  19. Wow Yenni!! That's HUGE collection of MS Punches!! You have organized your stuff well tho :)


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