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Night safari Halloween photos

Hi i will just share some of the photos that taken last saturday when i went to the early halloween celebration at Night safari. This event is hold through out the October month . For you who doesnt like halloween or ghost it is better not to see this post :P. There are more than 2 main "attractions" in this event, some of it are trail of terror and haunted house which is new!
For this year theme is ASIAN halloween. well it is more to chinese halloween for me as there arent much Indonesia,thailand ghosts there..well they are scarier then chinese i would say!

so here are the photos :

On the entrance we were greet by several "GHOSTS" i cant capture every single of it because they were so busy disturb people :P

I dont know what is the stories behind this two ghosts but my friends who went together with me to this event said it is a taboo to take photos with ghosts that the same race. they are chinese so a big no no to take photos with the ghost on the right side. This ghost love to staring at you and suddenly scream at you with the very weird voice. One of the popular ghost that most visitor "scared" of!
The left side is typical of chinese ghost, i guess the right side also chinese ghost.well like i said mostly is chinese ghost-probably because of the population in Singapore that mostly chinese. The right side ghost loves to chase people and round the string around your neck! one of popular ghost on that day :).

The left side is dim sum head seller! i thought the head that shown in the basket is fake. it is real! i cant imagine the guy has to be inside the push cart soo and tiring!.Well the right side is another terror for many visitors..but not for me! i just find this clown is totally cute! when i saw this clown it strike to my mind..maybe i should take photo with this clown and use Chi Chi memories clown series as a decorations :)

Highly demand in taking photo with her! not scarry at all but totally cute and never scream!

Giant sitting pumpkin that can stand about 3meters high every 10 mins.sometimes it scared visitor who busy taking photo with it and never though it will move and laugh!

The most interesting part is actually when we took tram and along the journey there are so many ghost wandering around scared you, shout at you and sometimes just shock you! however we arent allow to take photos of them :( but my hubby managed to get 2 of it!. it is totally interesting though. this year they use lots of props and more so call standing ghost poster so that you cant differentiate which one is the real human which one is the fake one. so it will just be a surprise! :). Oh more thing..i was sitting with my husband alone in one of the seat row that actually can cope up to 4 persons. so since it is only me and my husband 2 ghosts tend to disturb me by sitting by next to me!!! haiz!!!:(...luckly it is male ghosts so i am totally okay! but way man!
So while waiting for the tram my hubby took photo with this ghost

Nice photo i would say! :)
and we have one photos that we took photos before the MC said no photo taking

I hate this  ghosts.because it is Indonesia ghosts!eiiiksss.....

After we finished with the tram..we went for the trail of terror. we walked through long paths that there are hidden ghosts again! and again there are soo many props so that i dont know whether it is real or not! i was scream once then! :P

Start with smile!!! :)

A lot of suffer dolls here! if they turn into chucky then all of us might
End with smile

After the trail my friends decided to go for night safari shows that i have watched it thrice so i decided not to follow them. Only left with my hubby and me. He wanted to go to the haunted ghost but i said i dont i have bad image about it scared!
So my husband went alone and took photos with some of the ghosts outisde the haunted house.cant take photos inside as the ghosts moved so fast.since he has to ask someone to take photo so he didnt managed to take lots of photos

here are some of it :)
I would say this photo is well taken! i will scrap this one day!

While waiting everybody finish with their own activities i was indulge myself with a scoop of ben and jerry! and enjoy the view of so many ghosts chasing people.they love youngster!

Not all the mess belong to me :). only the small cup there :)

So that is it for today. i am off to make card.
Hugs to you all :)
Yenni natalia


  1. Super fun photos Yenni!!! Glad you had a great time. :)

  2. wah acaranya asyiik bgt ya.... suka liatnya..

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  4. omg! I want to go there too! It seems like a lot of fun. You should go to the HK ones if you ever have a chance to drop by HK.. lol.. it's pretty scary! I'm missing out this year, but will definitely go next year!


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