Sunday, 27 March 2011

# award # Magnolia card

Thank You For All that you do!

Yup i would like to thank you to all of my blog buddies for all that you do. all you support through comments,email,even awards. Today instead of using PB stamp..i am going to share with you my card use magnolia stamp. i am just love to play with it lately! I did try out the new way colouring her dress as well as socks,so might not be looking very great but i just satisfied with it :).
I used new paper collections from crate papers that i have just bought few days back during sale season :). The stamp is newly magnolia release--spring.If you stay in Singapore or Asia you can eventually purchase at
And here is the close up for the image :) Love love this pretty girl!

Move on to another topic..i have checked my comments for my past few blog post and found that someone has given me an award! many thanks patricia! if you like anything vintage and distress look you should hop to her blog :). all the pretty and elegant card is all around her blog :).
So here is the award :

so to accept this award,i have to tell you 7 things about me...some of you might know what is the list is from previous award but as for today some are update :) so here we go...
1. I am an Indonesia though i stay in Singapore for more than 6 years
2. Now i am a full time worker so i have a hard time to manage my blog,my house even my craft area
3. I love anything sweet but i hate honey
4. I shop more than before after i start working :P
5. To keep me awake everyday i dont have any other choice to have to love coffee with milk!
6. I love my bloggie friends who has been supportive to me :)
7. I love love my dog and recently i had a bad dream losing her..i am so sad for that.hope it wont happen.

So now i need to pass to 15 of my bloggie friends...
1. My lovely friends Dorcas and
3. My talented friends Rina
4. Cathy
11. Turid
12. Asas

I have peeped all your bloggies while listing this award...i cant wait to stop and leave comment.but now i have chores and tasks to do. Sigh! 24 hours a day seems not eough for me..or is it me that slow :)

Thanks for stopping by


  1. This is just adorable.. Love the darling little image and the details are wonderful..


  2. Yay...So happy to see your creation again!
    this is Beautiful, I love the colors and design!
    wow...thanks for the award too...will grab and put on my blog :)
    jiaah...aku juga dah lama gak ngeblog nih hehehehe

  3. So bright and fun! Great papers! Thank You for the award. You are such a sweetie! You deserve it because you are so thoughtful and generous. Sneaky too, but generous! I will put the award on my next post. Thanks again Yenni!

  4. A big thank you to YOU Yenni for all that you share on your blog.

  5. Awwww thanks Yenni! I don't know how you found time to make this post up ! All that linking and thinking. lol But its no surprise you received the award cos as Stacye says you're a sweetheart.:-)
    Beautiful card by the way, lots of fun colors.
    Have a great day!

  6. heh!!! what? you giving me award? i am flatter,Yen... thank you so much.secepatnya taro di blog ku...

    Rina Damay

  7. Awww Yenni, I felt so honoured! Thanks for the award, I will put in into my blog immediately. Thanks dearie! And this is another beautiful card, wonderfully put together as always! I can't wait for my stamps, getting them from Joanne today! See you later Yenni.

  8. I've recently just come across your blog and am so fascinated with your creations, I'm going back to read all of them. I LOVE this image of Tilda! Never seen her before. Wonder if i can still get my hands on one. Your colouring skills are amazing too! And I love your style of cards.


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