Monday, 25 June 2012

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Keep Calm and Craft

Hellow Crafty Minds...
I have been busy as usuall. Not only at work but some of the projects that i need to created based on order. I cant share yet..but it should be soon! :)
But for today, i have a card to share...Just to make me looks a good i just joking.
Today card is created for my lovely friend Annie Ling who has kind enough to share some of her treasures that i use in this card. She has given me the cut image balloon air, yellow crochet and die cut leave. It is kind of good feeling if i could fully use the items given by someone special.
I have used Bo Bunny pattern papers which i believed from very old series.
Stamp "keep calm and..." from we are memory keeper. A very affordable stamp yet really very nice to use! Flowers are from Wild orchird craft as well as the silver corners.

That is it from me...looking forward to share more project to you :)
Meanwhile...i have a Youtube account now :) Mostly i share is about my maddness in haul and some of the collective projects.
Do take a peek if you want to listen my blabbering :)

Yenni Natalia


  1. Love your gorgeous beautiful card.

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Thanks for visiting my blog, hope my cards can cheer your day.
Yenni Natalia

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