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# Magnolia card # Valentine Project

GIVEAWAY! and Valentines Project #8

Hellow All...Thank you for those who have been commenting on my blog :)
so to show my thank you for your support, i have decided to have a mini giveaway.
This time round i have a magnolia stamp and a 6x6 " paper pad from Echo park- Love story. I really love this paper pad and already almost used it all :)

So to entitle this giveaway, i want you to do is leave me a comment on what how do you label your stamps (especially for those stamps that doesnt come with image card such as LOTV, Magnolia).Do you print a pict of the image? Or just use label marker? Please share your idea :)
The giveaway is open for international. The giveaway open till 31 January 2013. I will announced the winner on the 1 February 2013 9pm Singapore time.
The winner have 24 hours to contact me once it is announced
I also have a card to share today
I used Magnolia stamp- Valentino and coloured it with distress markers.
Just a simple card but hope you like it.
Hope to see you again on my next valentine project #9
Yenni Natalia


  1. Hi Yenni ... Once again beautiful card and great colouring :) love them all

    As for the stamps that don't have images :
    I stamp the image and colour in or sometimes I don't even colour ..... I stick the image on bit stronger card stock ... Recycle cereal box .. Opposite site ... With left over scrap ...


  2. Do you mean rubber stamps? I have only a couple of them and I keep them in their packages, so it's not a problem to find them.
    Most of my stamps are clear, so I just keep them in clear folders (6x8) with a piece of original package where designs are stamped or just add a piece of paper to see the images. I punched holes in these folders and put 2 big binding rings to keep them together.

  3. Hello Yenni,
    I would keep them in a clear album photo folder! There will be different sizes of folder to place the stamps. It will be easy to find the stamps as all i have to do is to flip them around like a book! ^^


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  5. Yenni aku suka buanget sama cupido nya design kartunya keren banget.
    Aku menyimpan Magnolia ku dengan panel plastik terus dimasukin ke zipper clear map per koleksi atau per tema , supaya tidak bingung aku kasih selembar paper yg sdh aku stamp sesuai isi bag nya.
    aku yakin Yenni lebih bisa menata hehehehe


  6. Such a beautiful card Yenni. I love the sweet image and the soft colors.
    I don't label my stamps at all. Since I'm the only one using them, I do however store them in CD Cases and sort them by type, Magnolia, LOTV, WOJ, etc. Thanks so much for the chance, someone is going to be really lucky.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  7. Hi yenni,

    Love the soft coloring of your card, it is such a lovely card. Regarding to labeling, i dont do labeling on my stamps, because i just own few stamps. But i will keep it in clear holder for 6 x 4 clear stamps. I also separate he album for image and text. However for image stamp in rubber, i will either hang it or put in my basket based on each brand.

    Thanks for thr chancd, yenni. GBU

  8. Hello Ci Yenni ,

    Sampai saat ini saya blm begitu organized stamp Magno , untuk sementara masih dikumpulin dalam 1 dus dan disimpan rapi berikut plastik aslinya , cuman di dalam masing2 packnya ada kertas yg sdh di stamp sesuai dgn gambar stampnya, jadi pas mau pake tinggal cari dan lihat dari kertas yg sdh distamp tadi, kadang walaupun saya gak berkarya, tapi hanya dengan melihat image koleksi stamp magno yg sdh distamp di selembar kertas itu aza saya sudah senang banget, habis semuanya very cute :)

    Thanks ya and GBU

  9. Your card is very beautiful. I like the colour combination and those small flowers you used. Your coloring is fab too!

    When I buy a stamp that doesn't come with a printed image I would usually just stamp it and then put the stamped image in the bag with the stamp.

    Thank you for the chance to win this yummy prize!

    Hugs! xx

  10. Oi Yenni Natalia!!!

    O seu cartão está perfeito. Eu carimbo a magnólia (que tenho apenas uma, o restante é carimbadas que eu recebo) e colo na frente do saco. Obrigada pela oportunidade de participar desse maravilhoso doce.

    Beijos do Brasil!!!

  11. Oi Yenni!!!

    Coloquei na barra lateral direcionando para o seu blog.


  12. Hai Yen...

    ini kartu yang cantiiik, suka bangeeet...

    Utk stamp sebagian aku punya yg digis semua kusimpan di komputer dgn namanya masing2 sesuai foldernya. So klo mau pakai tinggal diprint aja sesuai dengan ukuran yg diingini.
    Klo yang stamp magno dan clear stamp lainnya aku simpan di clear holder, aku kasih nama di bawah masing-masing stampnya, biar nggak lupa..heheheeee....

    Klo yang rubber stamp, aku simpan aja di dalam box dengan posisi berdiri, klo ditumpuk sering2nya tuh karet jadi lengket ke rubber stamp lainnya.


  13. I love how beautiful you color...Wish I could learn some day from you!!
    I do have some stamps like that...What I do is, stamp it on a scrap piece of paper, usually printer paper and put inside the package where I can see it easily!
    So never have a problem searching it. Hope this helps!!

    Thanks for such a cute give away!! Hugs

  14. Another beautiful card as always.
    I have all my stamps in A4 envelope clear envelope folders. I do not have any Magnolia stamps so it would be wonderful to win one. Thanks for allowing me to enter.

  15. Hello~ I recently started scrapbooking and stumbled upon your blog! I don't have many stamps...but if i had to label them i think i would stamp out an image of it and colour it! Thank you for the giveaway! (:

  16. Fabulous candy! Thanks for the chance to win. I stamp the image onto a paper and use that as a shield between other stamps so that they don't get eachother inky, lol. And then I know which ones are which.


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