Sunday, 17 April 2011

# Penny Black

Time to i just got a delicious steal :)

Hi Peeps...i am so sorry for being bad blogger. MIA for half a ck ck..this is just not me! Thanks for those who still stays back to keep waiting what is up in my blog. So no more wait..i have something to share today :). I have stayed up till late in the night and rise in the early morning just want to make and share a card for you. I know you might spotted some smudge and some messiness on my colouring. That is because of i have just get a new toys to play with. I am still trying to get used to with it. A little hard to play in the beginning, but with hope it will get better soon. So what is my steal alas my new toys today!see below :

Yay..a set of Tombow Markers. I couldnt get it in Singapore so i decided to import it in :). I am delighted with the vibrant colours that been offer by this set.However, when i went their web..OMG there are more delicious colours there.I actually need more of Brown colour series as i love to colour animals like teddy,hedgie and mouse. I thought a  set of 96 is the entire collections but it isnt! :).
So you might think what makes me so eager to buy this?
 i love colours so that i will normally collect varities colouring medium and this is the only one that i dont have. Watercolour marker base. So after several thought,comparison with another brand, i decided to get this. Firstly,That is because it has more range of colours.Secondly, it will create some watercolour effect that distress ink unable to do so. Thirdly, it is cheaper when i buy a set. Fourthly, i am just in love and greedy want to have it ;P

So here is the close up of the colouring. I did a mistake on the envelope and balloon...i have actually must be very carefull when apply glitter glue to the image. It is because the colour is totally sensitive to the water so i accidentally "drag" the colour out. I love how the brown colour from the teddy. I actually only use one colour marker to create that effect.

I love this cutie and pretty seam binding that given by my friend, Viola. look at the is just match to the teddy balloons :). Got to find out how did she manage to create such a beautiful colours :)

Would love to enter this card for wee memories challenge--all things adorable

I have some other photos that i want to share...though i dont have much time to craft but who can resist shopping!
This are my shopping items for few weeks :) You will be able to see the date and will find out that i do shop weekly :P...well what can i do..Singapore is Shopping paradise. Everytime i turn my head is shopping malls!

After much desperation of using a lousy paper trimmer..i give it a try to buy other brand--martha stewart. Cute nicely but unable to cut 12 x 12 "! especially with the company tag below! i have manually cut the company tag then i can use this to cut.

Yummy treat for my doggie :) She loves cesar brand soo much :)

And my new interest! 1. Fabric 2. Nohohon 3.Orchirds

Whoops and more...4. Hello Kitty 5. Anything about purple...:)

I guess that is it for today...:)
Thanks for stopping by
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  1. Your card is so...yummie!:) and this honey bear! It looks so cute and positive!

  2. Yay! Ur first card colouring with tombow.I'm so jealous u getting the whole 96 Hehe.. But totally love how u colour teddy. He's really adorable.talking about something adorable, u should visit wee memories this week challenge,yenni.

  3. WOW!! You have been busy...very cute teddy and your colouring is lovely..a very pretty card..and look at your shopping..whoo hoo...I could have come along and carried your
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. Hey Yenni, thanks for sharing this beautiful card colored with tombow markers, so glad you decided to buy them! beautiful coloring, the colors really come out well and yes, they are really very vibrant.

  5. Wow, now I can see those markers you keep talking about. Enjoy your time trying these markers, Yenni. Great card, too.

  6. A really pretty card - that stamp is so cute.

    Karen x

  7. love your marker and New Spellbinders 2011!!! Yummy... yes, i agree with u Yen.. Those marker is Must item to buy hehehee.. Very delicious Colors!!

  8. Super card hun and i'm loving the layout and colours too, Luv Sam x

  9. Adorable card Yenni! I saw no mistakes or smudges until you pointed it out! Would have never noticed because everything else is beautifully colored,The glitter is great! Love all your finds. It is hard to resist shopping. I love to find goodies on sale too even if I am unable to craft. It is addicting!

  10. Gorgeous card, Yenni! I miss your cards but I know you're a working girl now and I agree with you, when you're working it's just so hard to find enough time to craft.. But it doesn't matter because you always make up for it with such gorgeous creations when you do get back to blogging! Congratulations on your new babies by the way. :)


  11. always love to looking your card, all your cards labeled with adorable colouring, nice sketch and pretty also ..
    *hugs ;)

  12. Gorgeous coloring and card! Thanks for joining us at Wee Memories!!!


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