Saturday, 23 April 2011

# Magnolia card # OTHERS

You are a great Friend

Hi Peeps...thanks for staying back :) I have a few quick things to share today :).
First will be this magnolia card..i have created this i think last month but wasnt given finishing touch which is a simple sentiment to it. Now it is completed so i guess it is a right time to upload it in the blog. I learned how to colour my magnolia in different way likes the magnolia face darker than usuall, the shade of the clothes also a little bit different-i tried to control myself not to cover everything with colour. As for bunny, i was inspired by bunny colour at my working place :).I love orange and white bunny!
Here is the close up of tilda. i choose brown colour pencils to create shade for bunny and skin.
Move on to the next topic is about my flea market yesterday.

Here is my photo with a small space for me to sell my cards...for yesterday is an easter day and most people went to services so the crowds wasnt really there and i didnt manage to sell many of my cards.So hopefully today i can make some good sales!! :)

Here is my mini flea market stall that i shared with my friend Alice.Please come if you stay at Singapore :)
it is located at Old People Association HQ at kallang from 22-24April...11am-6pm :).

Some crafts and educational magazine for sale!Of course buy more will be cheaper :) Just want to get clear inventories :)

Another stuffs to share...
After a tiring day at Flea Market and had a very bad and hubby decided to give a surprise to our dearie friends by sudden show up to the their dinner venue (we did cancel our appointmentf few days back actually :P ). So here we go..there are 8 of us!

We ate,We Dine and yes we are playing easter eggs hunt! it was really fun..there are few of other customer that join us as well but we won the prize! A white wine...(too bad i dont like wine!) :)
Follow up with our own game!

We were too serious with this game and there were too many of we decided to get another  games..that everybody can enjoy!

Sometimes we need some assistant :)

And a person who clumsy enough....

To end the tension :) and start a fresh...

and again the pressure were there again!

Happily took the bottom piece of Jenga!

and left the others to feel nervous! :)

That is it from me today :)
Thanks for staying back :)
Yenni Natalia


  1. Adorable card Yenni. Wishing you continued success selling your beautiful cards.

  2. hi yenni. hope u had fun selling the lovely cards at the flea market. I shall try to do more craft stuff and hope can join u for such event in near future. will let u know when ready. :)

  3. Woww! Awesome standout colors and fantastic coloring!!

  4. I missed this post somehow....Great card, Yenni. Love the yellows and green. So how did your flea market day end up? Did you get to sell many cards? I know you have a stockpile like me. :-)
    Enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Thanks for sharing. We miss you.

  5. Hello Yenni - looking forward to your next post.


Thanks for visiting my blog, hope my cards can cheer your day.
Yenni Natalia

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