Wednesday, 25 May 2011

# Magnolia card

I am trying to come back!

Hi crafters, it has been exacty more than a month i am away from crafting world. You might know the reason. Yes it is about work. I quit my previous work because of i am unable to "control" my passion for crafting. So when i was at working place, i always though of crafting and surprisingly when i was at working place my creative juice flew badly! so it was really a pressure when i couldnt do anything.
As for the present job...i decided to quit crafting just because of i dont want to have the same pressure like i mentioned early on. But what can i do..i feel pity with those untouch for that i have decided to make card as and when i want or in the mood. work most likely be my top priority..well with working i can buy more craft supplies BUT i cant use it :(. I quit crafting also because of i am feeling down when there werent good response from Singapore people for my cards that i tried to sell at flea market. So i am still stuck with a lot of cards at home..and my house just getting packed with it and craft supplies :P. it is just  so stressfull!
So i just tried to get my hands down on copic markers..and hands doesnt do well...but nevermind..i wont pressurize myself! :)
So here is the card that i created while i am on MC 2 days...while waiting for i fall asleep because of medicines..i want to spend my time with slowly creating a card...

Maybe from now on most of my cards will use magnolia stamps rather than Penny Black. Why? because of i have packed my PB stamps inside the boxes. I have to do it that way because of the Singapore weather really damage my precious Penny Black wooden stamps. I feel so sad when i saw so may yellow spots on the wooden. it looks so ugly! so i decided to pack it inside the box and put silica gel on it with hope it will absorb the humid air.

 I have to play with my puncher just because again the weather in Singapore will make all my punches turn rusty. So i really hate Singapore weather!!! :(

This is the inside card. I have just purchased the sew easy from We are memory keeper and pretty dissapointed with it.It doesnt "prick" well on to the cardstock. so i back to my old paper piercer to continue the work.However i love their floss/ is so smooth !

would love to enter this card for below challenges :
Claudia and Co : Girl Bday
Bunny Xoe Crafts- Lace
Paper sundae-pop it up

I guess that is it for today...I am start feeling drowsy already :)

Thanks for stopping by and stay with me this long :)
I have another ready card to share with you soon :)

Yenni Natalia


  1. Dear Yenni!
    I love your cards so much! They are so inspirational. And for this month I've been missing your creations. Please don't refuse from crafting! You're doing so well in it, you have got the talent so dont give up on it!
    Hugs, Ann

  2. Yenny this card is so amazing, sweet and beautiful.... Uh I hope I could buy some of your cards then when I was in singapore last week!!

  3. Beautiful work Yenni, I love the tiny flowers they are so pretty. I Have missed you dropping in to my blog, to say hello,and I have missed seeing your lovely cards.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  4. Yenni,
    first all, I hope you are better!,
    secondly, this card you created is just all the details and your colouring with Copics.
    thirdly, dont ever stop crafting.. coz it will always be part of you.. but due priority for work, crafting will at reduced frequency, less often but still fun, it soothes the soul and your inner creativity.
    I hope you can find balance for both... I miss crafting at work too , but I need to work so that I can buy all the beautiful stuff ! :)
    take care...

  5. I Miss your stunning creations yenni!! but sometimes work needs to come first i def know about the creative juices flow at work its a pain LOL

    This is such a gorgeous card its just soo gorgeous and the flowers set it off a treat!!

    Take care

    Sal xx

  6. Hey Yenni, it is so good to see you creating again! Hurray! don't let anything get you down, continue creating beautiful cards and layout and share with all of us.


  7. Gorgeous, beautiful card.
    Please find a happy balance with work and crafting it would such a shame to hide such a wonderful talent you have.

  8. Beautiful, pretty Magnolia card's great to see you back crafting :)
    I do hope you can find a work/crafting balance and keep creating your beautiful cards x
    Hope you are feeling better :)

    Jenny xx

  9. Beautiful inside and out Yenni!!

  10. Hi Yenni! Ive missed you! What can I say but what the othres have said, don't stop your craft, it would be such a shame. And don't measure your success based on if someone buys your creations or not. If any of us did that I think most of us would quit. I don't "try " to sell any cards anymore. I just sell when someone asks.(Usually my Otherwise I make because I like to make and give them away to friends and fellow crafters. (who truly appreciate them the most!!)
    I hope your supplies don't get ruined from the weather there and remember, don't pack them away too far!Crafting is such good therapy!

  11. Yenni ... so happy for you lah, just doing you passion with no presure, because I still believe that you have no limited idea :)
    and this is a beautiul design for using Lace !! I wish I had just a little of your talent on making a card, dear ...
    keep on fire, honey !!

  12. Dear Yenni

    Please don't give up something that you love and are very talented at. I hope you can still find time to do a bit of what you love around your work life. It is very important to factor in some playtime into our daily lives - all work would make us so dull LOL!!

    Another gorgeous card from you.

    Karen x

  13. Dear Yenni, don't give up. I know you have your potential in yourself, in crafting and in working. Just believe that God is with you all the time. HE will perfect everything you do. Big hugs.

  14. Ohhhhh, this card is so beautiful Yenni! Love all the details: the lace and the flowers - and the Magnolia girl is coloured so beautifully. A truly stunning card!

    PLEASE Don't give up on your craft Yenni - just don't pressure yourself to do more than what you can actually do. Oh, if ONLY I had been at the flea market to buy your cards - I would have bought ALL of them! Maybe try to sell them on Etsy or EBay (?). I think people want to buy cards really cheap at a flea market, so don't think that your cards aren't good enough - they are truly beautiful and I love them so much. Just look at all the amazing awards you have received and also being published - wow Yenni - you have so much talent! I don't think you realise how talented you are.

    Maybe set aside some dedicated crafting time - say on a particular night - like a regular schedule and colour on your image on one night and put the card together on another night. PLEASE don't give up - but don't pressure yourself either or it will stress you (that has happened to me before and it makes me not feel creative at all - it's like it takes away your creativeness and nothing seems to work or go together easily).

    {{hugs}} and smiles :-) from Australia

  15. What a beautiful card! I love all those flowers and leaves! Thanks for playing along with us at Paper Sundaes!

  16. so pretty! Love your coloring and the lacey circle behind the image!
    Thanks for joining us at Paper Sundaes this week!

    Alica ;)

  17. Welcome back Yenni! I missed you! Figured you have lots going on! Your card is gorgeous! Love the lace and flowers! Glad work is working out for you. Hope to see you sometimes!

  18. Yenni you are such an inspiring crafter. I LOVE LOVE all your cards. Don't you get down because your cards were not embraced at some flea market. If I was there I would buy them all and decorate my craft room with them. You may want to try and set up an etsy shop, I am so sure they would sell. As for this card another stunning one. I miss you when you are gone. Please try and find balance between work and crafting. Hugs:)


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