Wednesday, 12 May 2010

# Dog

My DOG--Garlic

Hi everybody...
today i dont have card to share as i am pretty exhausted after work. so for today i will only upload my dog photo that i took this evening.


I will do a layout for her one day! but i dont have doggie pattern paper at all! hmmm...maybe it is time for me to invest a little bit on it?
Her name is Garlic. The seller is claimed that she is a pure breed from one of the champion dog, but she is extremelly notti for a young dog.

Pardon my husband who loves to wear this kind of attire at home...haiz....

hei hei...look at i cute??

My husband doesnt know how to smile to the camera!! he should learn it from garlic!

Finally after several attempts i managed to take both photo of my dogs..upps my dog and my hubby with  smile on their face!

Thanks for looking


  1. Hi Yen...Garlic looks like snowy..TinTin's dog...:)
    She is so cute!

  2. your post made me smile...:) such a cute dog that Garlic...(but I won't say such a cute husband...LOL!)

  3. Love your doggie! I am a big, big time dog lover....he is soo cute!


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