Saturday, 1 May 2010

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One puncher many ways

Hi are you today. I hope all of you have a great time. Feeling rather sad today as i havent receive an email from one important person that for me it will change my life and how the way people look at me.Haiz..hopefully she will send me email soon.

Well today i did not create a card but i do have something to share. I bought this puncher from my local craft store today. Eventhough this puncher punch ballon size slighlty bigger than what i expect but i do love it. This puncher is from EK Success brand.

Instead of normal ballon...

I created lady bug use this puncher
"I punched one on brown cards and one on red. Fold the red cardstock into half to get the fold mark. cut triangle shape. Use foam dots to glue it to the brown cardstock. Take cropadile or normal puncher and punch on brown cardstock to create pattern on lady bug wing. Punch circle puncher on  new brown cardstock and puch again a little bit to create "half oval". glue it on the top part--become head.

also a bird
"BODY :punch balloon shape on to blue cardstock and fold into half.
WING AND HEAD :Punched another 2 circle puncher on different pattern paper/cardstock
LEG: i punch 2 more ballons and only use the bottom part (scallop) then fold it into 2. Stick it on to the 2 small strip of blue pattern paper

PETALS : Punched several ballons shape on the pattern paper. stick it together to create a flower look.

Lastly octopus ^_^..
HEAD: Punch one ballon shape on the lighter colour cardstock and distress it.
LEG : Draw legs and cut it..remember it must be 8 legs ^_^

Hope you like it..


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  1. hey great! i have two punches and all the time i have a hard time trying to use them in different ways but now i feel inspired! thanks!


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