Friday, 6 January 2017

# Alter Alphas

Alter Alpha : R for Rubinah

Hello and good morning...

Finally completed my Last alpha order from my friend and it is for herself. 

She saw a letter i created for her sister and she asked me if i could do one for her same design as here. Coincidentally her Alpha is the same R as her sister.. She here it is.

Now i finally i can concentrate on making cards.
My card sales has not been good lately, probably economy and also i have stoped taking customize order this year due to health reason and doctor asked me not to stress and tired myself,

So i think, instead of keep staring the cards in my box  and the sales that very slow moving, i decided to bless more people with my cards. I think card making is all about that right ? Sending family, friends cards to warm their heart ? ^_^
One of my target this year is make more cards to send to close friend and family :)

Soon i will be making Chinese new year cards. Must rush because Chinese new year is really around the corner. i will be meeting my friend this weekend to collect the my chinese new year stamp which i purchased from her :)

Hope to see you here again with my latest cards.

Have a lovely and blessed year.


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